Canada’s National Bible Hour

Global Outreach Mission
PO Box 1210, St. Catharine’s, ON   L2R 7A7
Phone in Canada: (905) 684-1401

Listen to Canada’s National Bible Hour on Sunday at 6 a.m.

Our vision for the broadcast is to expand into smaller areas of Canada that are now unable to hear the program and other areas of the world where the English language is spoken. Website:

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Listener Responses

“CIAM has been such a blessing to many people that I know. I am so grateful to God and to all those who make this radio station possible, and that is hard to imagine what life was before Christian radio came to this area. Many people have been exposed to the gospel and solid teaching of the word of God, and the change in the community has been evident."
“I know that some of the programming offered by CIAM can be like a lifeline thrown out to a lonely person, or a kind voice to someone who is sick or bedridden.”
“One Bible verse, read from the weather script can change a person’s life!”
Just a little note of thanks! I really do enjoy listening to 101.7 "See I AM"